Thursday, October 9, 2008

free handbag

this news i got from maria's website. hihi... juz try n error... saje free myself while doing my thesis.
it's easy, juz go to this site
then click which one do u like. haha... sooke² je...

n next news is my hubby just landed dubai yesterday on
2.30pm (Msia time) ~10.30am (Dubai time)
sadly his bag was missing! sian lakiku iteww...
but today they had find the bag. Alhamdulillah. Someone had took the wrong luggage becoz it's just da same. Cuma beza ade Man U punye badges je.. hehe.. Okeyla tu.. At least ade juge... N he's homesick juz now... Of course it's all about W.A.F.I W.I.F.I
Hihi... bagus gak ade Wafito neh.. boley cepat2 die balik sini.. Heheh..

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