Wednesday, May 7, 2008

shopping with ayah!

Shopping with daddy!

Huhu.. diz is the first time ur daddy shopping since we're married... How long he didn't get new stuffs for his closet... kesian daddy... Heheh.. So, today, after back form work he picked me up and went to Labour Centre at Permatang Pauh. Do my routine check and the result is....

u're going to be a BoY!!!
Alhamdulillah.. ur daddy seems so hepii.. yeay!!! After dat we went for for lunch+dinner at mamak stall for nasi dalca at sbrg jaya.. U knoe ur daddy, right? Hehe... Then went to Sunway Carnival.. Die nak shop for himself... Ayah nak beraye... Huhu..

See... ayah shopping... macam nak raye kan?? Got 1 pairs more I xsempat nak snap.. He's been trying for 3-4 times.. kuar masuk.. kuar masuk fitting room je keje die.. And after that barulah he find your feeding bottle.. Tada!!!

Some info about diz thingy things...
  • built-in airflex valve
  • baby controls milk flow
  • clinically proven to reduce colic
  • easy to combine bf and bottle feeding
Okehh.. that's all that I can copy form the box.. hehe..
And lastly I got some sleep stuffs for me... Saye mau sumthing for me juge, okehh..

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