Friday, May 9, 2008


Diz afternoon I got bleeding (english ku very bad, but i'm trying ;) ).. Then at 3pm I called the doc. Doc asked me to go to the clinic for checkup. At 6.30 pm I'm arrive at the clinic doc said that the baby's condition is not so good. And dah bukak about 1cm. She asked me to admit to make second check at 9pm. then it was ok..Alhamdulillah.. I can going back home and come tomorrow morning.

Datnite before went back sempat lagi kami pegi kopitiam at bandar perda... hehe.. lepak.. Bout 12midnight br sampai rumah.. And dat night bermulalah my contraction.. sangat saket at 3am.. I dah tahan, wake my hubby up at 4.30 and going to the clinic at 5am..

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