Sunday, October 11, 2009

kene hapdet ke???

I've didn't update this blog
since my hubby's back (yeah, he's back for gud. yeay!)
N, I don't have time
busy with hari raya,
bz travel back to my hometown
bz find da house to stay at JB
(alhamdulillah already got it)
bz went back to Kedah
bz with 1st family holiday at Genting
n bz
n bz
Everyday got to manage da kids, myself n of course hubby too.. huhu
No excuses
there's only one word to describe all things..
not B.U.S.Y
It is ..
full stop.


linahilmin said...

oh, hubby dah back for gud ye.. wah, suka lah orang tu!
spend ngan cik abang puas2 dulu, the leh start blogging balik! :p

Fadzila said...

back 4 good? kerja kat JB ker? jaga projek mana..?

Anasfadilah said...

hunny sudah balik yay..

takpe,kalau lazy update blog un takpe,saya paham


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