Thursday, January 15, 2009

wafito is being warded

Last Sunday afternoon tibe2 je Wafi's body temperature was increased. Firstly ingat xde pape. Then that nite it turns bad. Lepas cucuk bontot die+tuam badan die+called his daddy, I asked Antie Jusco to help me hold him to go to the hospital. Antie Susu xdapat teman sebab asignment xsiap lagi. Aku xwat pape pun lagi.. Lagi best.. hehe..

We went to Pantai Hosp, sebelah convent BP. After the paed checked him, Wafi was sent to the x-ray room to snap the pic of his lung. Then the paed said that there was some jangkitan at his paru2. He need to admit. Hohoho.. aku bawak pampers 2 keping, baju Wafi sekeping n susu utk sekali minum saje. Blur kejap...

Alhamdulillah there's antie Jusco assisted us.. hehe.. After registered, we was sent to the ward. While Wafi is sleeping, I went back to da home to take all da stuffs. Antie Jusco jadi misi kejap jage Wafi. Ambik Antie Susu, then sampai hosp. smule pukul 3.15am. Then antie Jusco+Susu back home at 4am.

diz is Wafi on his 1st day... cheerful

2nd day ~ afternoon.. had a fever

the temperature spike into high ~ 39 something

sad face

sleep right after crying ~ exhausted

1st day when antie2 was coming ~ antie Susu, Ilun, Jusco, Aimi, Huda, Ina, Hazlina, Che Ah n Siti
during nebulizer

3rd morning...

during morning he was OK, but not in da afternoon

4th day, after drip changing ~ from right hand to right feet

tido after penat melalak time kne cucuk tukar drip

Okess, to all readers esp. daddy, I'll update later okehh.. That's all for now.. So far today, on da 5th day, Alhamdulillah last nite Wafi's temperature is OK until juz now.. diz afternoon. Hopefully he'll be ok... Pity him.. Die dah bosan dok terkurung 4 hari ni.. Xdapat jalan mane2... Shiannnn.....


Anasfadilah said...

wafito cepat sembuh k

mummy_adam said...

cian nyer wafi.. get well soon k dear..

m@Ri@ said...

alahai siannya baby wafi...jaga anak sedara aku tu bebaik tau..skrg die dah sihat oklah..demam die naik skit ko terusla bawa p klinik...bahaya tau demam panas ni..jg diri yek pai...

babyelle said...

m@Ri@- thanx dear.. ko kne prepare kalo ade anak nanti.. hehe

mummy_adam- thanx dear, saye pun dah bosan dok lame2 kat wad ni.. Wafi pon dah boring

Anasfadilah- InsyaAllah... demam die dh ok, tunggu antibiotik abes je, sbb antibiotik masuk gune machine.. xley balik lg..

Shida said...

dia demam panas hek nadia.erm siannya dia.. baik2 tau jaga baby panas ni. jgn jadi macam kyra..

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