Friday, November 7, 2008

no updates

Hullo everyone! There will be no updates from today until this upcoming December (10-12-2008). This is because Wafi n mummy will go for a holiday!! Yeay! Hopefully it is. Hehe... We will be at Penang/Kedah this one month because mummy will attend her practical for one month... Hurm... no internet looo.... ;(
And, as promised before, this is da entry for raya's piccas... So sorryyyy for being tooo late... I'm juz finished my second semester final exam yesterday n now need to rush to travel to my hubby's hometown pulak malam ni.. Barang xsiap kemas lagi nih.. uhu.... ibu tertinggal... semue kne wat sendiri.... Hukhuk... Okes.. wish me lucksss during my training n pray for Wafi that he'll get new+gud babysitter as umi!
on 3rd raya, b4 went to umi's house

wafito n mummyto

on 1st raya

wafi n granny

lone ranger kiddy

wafi n daddy..
Ok, that's for now.. bubyeeeeeeee!!!.....

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